Grepmair's AwareAidOn

Grepmair's AwareAidOn offers you a highly efficient support for realizing mindfulness/meditation practices of all kinds (various spiritual, medical and educational orientations). more...

This manual provides you with an easy-to-understand description of the method behind AwareAidOn, its scope of application, its benefits for the user, its exercise instructions as well as its spiritual and scientific basis.

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The name 'AwareAidOn' is a blend of words consisting of three elements: (1) Aware(ness), (2) Aid, and (3) Métron (measurement), -> Awareness aid and measurement/focusing skills. It refers both to the innovative method described below and to the device/PC program developed/invented to support awareness and meditation practices using this particular approach. 'AwareAidOn' denotes an approach based both on spiritual and scientific grounds, and at the same time refers to the device developed for the practical application of this particular approach. AwareAidOn involves the use of sound events the nature and frequency/occurrence of which can be modified according to a sophisticated system in order to support mindfulness/meditation practices.

AwareAidOn should not be understood to be a new type of mindfulness/meditation practice. Instead, AwareAidOn will support practitioners in doing what they are intent on doing: namely practicing mindfulness/meditation. In this sense, AwareAidOn is not what will be essential for their practice. What is essential, and what remains unchanged and the major point of focus for the practitioner, is the awareness/meditation exercise as such. AwareAidOn, however, provides practitioners with a valuable tool for realizing that which is really essential.

L. J. Grepmair explored the effect of AwareAidOn phenomenologically on himself and on his own clients, with experienced meditators also serving as test subjects. The results revealed that AwareAidOn really provides helpful support for many mindfulness and meditation practitioners.


The program is available for PC's, notebooks, netbooks and cell phones in English and in German. It is Windows-based and includes a manual.

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About the author and developer

LUDWIG J. GREPMAIR is a psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer. He is based in Regensburg, Bavaria/Germany. He completed more than 20 years of therapy trainings in various modalities and was trained in several spiritual traditions. After having held the position of Chief Clinical Psychologist at a psychosomatic clinic, he founded an academic training practice, which he then complemented by a private institute for mindfulness and psychotherapy.

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From the forewords to the manual

»For people of today who are not familiar with Asian customs while at the same time seeking a neutral spiritual path and practice, this [AwareAidOn] is a very valuable achievement.«

Roshi (Zen master) Fumon S. Nakagawa (Abbot of the Daihizan Fumonji Zen monastery, Eisenbuch)

»Studies have shown that training mindfulness has numerous benefits. AwareAidOn can contribute to promoting the learning process within the scope of trainings of this kind.«

Meditation researcher Dr. Ulrich Ott (Bender Institute of Neuroimaging, Giessen University, Germany)

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